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Bloody Keep - Bloody Horror

by Bloody Keep

Peering over the crest, the moon greets the land Heralding the night, dictating vampiric commands Silver rays of light reflect upon the pond Centuries of black magic culminates a bond Between love and night, dormant desires unbound The horizon swallows the sun, my heart begins to pound The omen of the waxing moon A silk shroud envelopes my identity I will worship the lunar orbs serenity The moons gentle caress grants me eternal life I present as middle aged, but I'm 439 I curse the final wisps of sun as twilight paints the sky I jolt out of my dormancy, my vengeance fueled by night The omen of the waxing moon The omen of the waxing moon, predates all history Obsessed with lore inked in blood and shrouded mystery I suck my supper from supple skin infliction of misery I'm am the true incarnation of vampirism and witchery I glance up at the sky the moon is red Imbibe the blood innocents in their beds Foreboding presence im the spawn of dread I bade the moon farewell as I wept
I gaze in horror as the sun starts to rise Rays of sunshine start to crack through the clouds as I weep I am mourning the dawn Close the castle doors as sun starts to shine I must remain in total darkness to survive Stoic vampirism My singing coffin Dripping candles Total Darkness The crooning moon Murmuring winds The blood must flow To quench my thirst Calamity commences come the cresting of the sun The quelling of the moon has resentfully begun I am cloaked in my keep , any sunlight is expunged I mourn the loss of unrestraint depression i succumb Forfeiture of freedom to forestall my searing flesh If the sun does taste my flesh, my sentence certain death I shield my self in shadows so my presence is repressed The antithesis of light come the night ill never rest Initial rays of the morning bring tears to my eyes I must go hide in my castle so no one can hear my cries I am mourning dawn Drowning in desolation countless tears i have shed I am part bat part man and i'm dead When i'm famished i fantasize of necks Bask in the nourishment of blood that has been shed Draped in silk linens I avoid all mirrors Racing back towards my castle as day comes nearer Slithering through the night as my hunger grows I peer into a window and I see a neck exposed You hear cries in the night My touch is cold as ice My only fear in this world is the cross that evokes christ If the cross strikes my skin, my skin will ignite Im a creature of the night I practice vampiric rites The sun in the sky will burn my flesh Drinking blood from innocent necks Run and hide in the presence of christ… of christ Wailing sounds in the dead of night Peering in your window instill fright Demons of the night will drink your blood…. Your blood!!
The caw of the twilight crow, signals the stupor of the sun I experience Jubilant ecstasy as I cheer for its Blindness To prove allegiance to the night and its welcoming kindness I wail towards the newly kindled stars a vampiric exhibition Under the command of a sharp feverous hunger My human autonomy extinguished like a modest flame My vampyric selfdom tramples my own human free will This bat born impurity is well versed in the dark arts Centuries of torment Listen closely for the call of the crow Christen thy bloodletting vampiric woe Deities of the night ensure nourishment We gaze up at the moon in adoration for its omniscience
Partially blind I rely on instinct I emit frequencies that guide my way The signals return to me i have located my prey I only prowl at night I harbor in my keep come the day No human contact Except when fangs meet flesh Emotions always suppressed A spawn of demonic possession A simple quest I am on The pursuit of human blood From society i am shunned I find solace in the dark In possession of a pestilent breathe I breath death all across the land I exact my attack and extract The nectar from your neck Vampiric batlike sonar only bless my presence with the stars Vampiric batlike sonar The blood moons in my heart


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released October 1, 2021

All music by Abysmal Specter
Vlad art by: skinnysloth_


all rights reserved



Grime Stone Records California

Label from California
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